What is ind.ee?


  • ind.ee is an online community for independent artists, as well as the industry that supports them.
  • ind.ee is a platform; a worldwide network for member connections, collaborations, promotions, and enjoyment of the arts.
  • ind.ee is an online community that provides access to resources (people), knowledge and tools supporting the creation, promotion and publishing of various art forms.


What does ind.ee do?


  • ind.ee connects independent artists and industry related individuals, businesses and supporters of the arts.


Who is ind.ee for?


ind.ee is specifically for the independent arts community, industry and supporters. This includes:

  • Artists (individual and group)
  • Industry Related Professionals (Businesses and Service providers)
  • Venues
  • Fans

Artists seeking a venue to promote themselves, showcase their work, and find opportunities to collaborate with other members, offer their own service/talent, or seek guidance from within the community.

Industry Related Professionals

  • Businesses that offer products or services that will assist members in the creation, promotion or distribution of their works.
  • Service providers or professionals (i.e. legal) to be plugged into the grass routes of the arts community in their regions or abroad, with the intention of contributing their know-how and guidance to members.

Venues who can offer a physical location where members works can be seen/heard/enjoyed. Venues can also promote through ind.ee, and in turn present themselves as supporters to independent artists (arts). Some examples include galleries, bars/clubs, café’s, offices, studios, etc.

Fans of the arts of all kinds who wish to be exposed to unknown artists, artists of interest in their area, or near them – wherever they may be. Fans will have a profile page where they can follow and contact/support other ind.ee members.

Why ind.ee?


There are several issues that independent artists face when trying to promote themselves online. These include some of the following:

  • Offer a single user login to manage multiple profiles for multi-disciplined members (artists/businesses/fans)
  • Currently there is not a venue that offers multiple profiles for multi-disciplined artists an account that uses a single login and dashboard.
  • This provides access and ease of use to these artists and/or businesses
  • They are limited (niched) to a specific genre or format (music, photography, etc.) and not inclusive of all art types for the purpose of bringing them together to create/collaborate
  • Nothing out there encourages the industry and independents to work together and use each other. Many current “communities” are specific to a genre or art form (i.e. music), or created for more personal (FB) or business type (LinkedIn) networking, whereas ind.ee brings together various art forms with the purpose of enabling collaborations amongst themselves.
  • Current online social networks are either too specific and exclude the majority, or too vast and not relevant to artists needs, making it impossible for them to be seen/found (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • They do not provide the professional credibility and guidance that our audience requires
  • Users works on ind.ee are protected and IP remains theirs, and not ind.ee’s

We offer a venue that is more than a showcase. It’s a place to get things done, work together and inspire each other.


Contact Ind.ee

Have a question about ind.ee? Send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.
- Laura


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